Posted on 9/12/19

Having criminal charges on your record can cause a variety of issues in your day-to-day life. It can make it hard to enroll in college, obtain financial aid or loans, and nearly impossible to get a good job, just to name a few. Rather than waiting for charges to fall off your record to make advances in your life, you may be able to clear the record now, and acriminal defense attorney can explain how.

Review Your Criminal Record

Before you try to clean up your criminal record, you should get a copy of it and look for incorrect information. You can contact the courthouse in the jurisdiction where you were arrested and charged. If multiple jurisdictions were involved, you may have to contact each separately.

Once you obtain your record, check the names, dates, changes to the record, and dispositions. Ensure all the information is correct, and if you find any mistakes, contact the court clerk immediately. Some mistakes can be corrected by the clerk, others may require the assistance of the prosecutor’s office.

Reduce the Way Your Crime Was Categorized

If you were found guilty of a felony that could have been a misdemeanor, you may be able to request that the crime be reduced. These offenses are known as wobbler offenses. The court may grant your request, particularly if you were charged with a non-violent crime such as disturbing the peace. It may also be granted if you have not been arrested or convicted of any other crimes.

File for an Expungement

Another way to clear up your criminal record is tofile for an expungement. This is essentially the legal destruction of criminal records. The state of Texas does not actually destroy the records but seals them so they cannot be viewed by employers, schools, lenders, and others.

To file for an expungement, you will have to pay a filing fee and file the correct paperwork in court. It also must be at least three years from the time that you were arrested. You may also be able to get an expungement if you were arrested for a crime but found not guilty. Another type of expungement is called a Certificate of Actual Innocence. This will be granted to you if you were charged with a crime, but the charges were dropped.

AProof of Rehabilitation is also a way that can be used to clear your criminal record. This provides proof to landlords, employers, schools, and others that you have taken steps to improve your life, that you have been proactive in correcting the mistakes you have made, and that you are remorseful for them.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Today

Although having an attorney is not required to get your criminal record cleared, an attorney experienced in expungement can make the process go more smoothly. The attorneys atAbel Law Firm know what documents will need to be filed with the court and can likely have your record expunged within 30 to 180 days. The expungement process is complex, so contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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