Posted on 12/23/19

There are certain things in Texas that can get you arrested if they are deemed an illegal weapon under state law; just because something can be used as a weapon, however, does not mean that you will be charged with that crime just for having it in your possession. 

So, what are considered illegal weapons in the State of Texas? Bombs, rockers, grenades, mines, firearm silencers, firearms, handguns, knives with a blade over five and a half inches long, shotguns with a barrel under 18 inches long, rifles with a barrel under 16 inches long, machine guns, any altered rifle or shotgun with an overall length under 26 inches, hoax bombs, armor piercing ammunition, zip guns, chemical dispensing devices other than those that are sold commercially for personal protection, and certain tire deflation devices.

New Texas Weapon Laws

Weapon laws are constantly evolving, and Texas is no exception. You hear about them on the news all the time. In September, new laws were passed in Texas regarding guns. If you own a gun, it is important that you understand these news laws.

  • A License to Carry (LTC) holder who enters an establishment that prohibits guns with adequate signage can now face legal repercussions if they refuse to leave the property after being asked.

  • Residential lease agreements cannot prohibit the possession of firearms by the person leasing the property or their guests. 

  • A school district cannot regulate the manner in which a licensed individual’s firearm, handgun, or ammunition is stored in the school parking area inside a vehicle.

  • Citizens cannot be charged for a crime if they carry a handgun without a License to Carry if there is a declared state or local disaster and they are evacuating, or when returning to that area. 

  • The restrictions on how many school marshals can be armed in a school district or the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school were reduced.

  • Specifications for how foster parents are required to store their firearms were updated. 

  • The Texas Penal Code made it clear that places of worship must be treated like other property when deciding if a licensed firearm holder can carry their weapon on the premises.

  • Property owner associations are no longer allowed to restrict or prohibit the transportation, possession, or storage of ammunition or a firearm. They also cannot place restrictions on the legal discharge of firearms. 

Texas Gun Charges


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