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A bench warrant is generally issued by a judge when you fail to appear at a court date, miss child support payments, or in some other way fail to comply with a court order. This warrant will not usually prompt police to actively search for you. However, if you are stopped due to a traffic violation or come to the attention of the police in another manner, they will likely become aware of the warrant and will arrest you.

The more severe arrest warrant is issued when a crime has occurred and there is evidence that you are responsible. Thiswarrant must include your name or a detailed description in addition to the alleged crime committed. Due to the fact that this warrant is issued as a result of the crime, authorities will actively search for you. Upon finding you, you will be immediately taken into custody.

Your Next Steps

If you suspect that there is a warrant out for your arrest, the first step is to confirm that there is, in fact, a warrant issued. You can confirm this via your county sheriff’s website or you may contact your attorney, who can check for warrants. 

Once you confirm that there is a warrant for your arrest, it is important to contact your attorney immediately.Your attorney will be able to help you with the next steps. In rare cases, your attorney may be able to get the warrant dismissed, but even if the warrant remains in effect, your attorney can help to smooth the process.

Warrant Processes

Once you are arrested on a warrant,Texas law states that officers must present you before a judge in a timely manner. Specifically, the law states that this must occur within 48 hours of your arrest. However, this does not mean that your case will be tried or resolved right away. Instead, it only means that the judge will ensure that you understand your rights and have legal counsel.

In the event of a bench warrant, your attorney may be able to keep you from being arrested. Depending on the precise reason for the bench warrant, your troubles could be resolved by simply paying a fine. Even if authorities do not agree to a fine, your attorney may be able to arrange for you to appear before the judge without being arrested.

 Arrest warrants are more serious and will not typically be resolved without surrendering to authorities. However, your attorney can arrange for your surrender and help to ensure that your arrest goes smoothly. Your attorney may also be able to get you a speedy arraignment in order to minimize the amount of time you spend in jail. Bail or bond is another option which may keep you out of jail while the charges are pending. A criminal defense attorney may be able to contact authorities and set bail prior to your surrender so that you will not have to spend time in jail prior to your trial.

Contact an Attorney

If you are facing a warrant of any kind, do not wait to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Even a bench warrant is a serious issue which requires immediate attention. Contact the attorneys atAbel Law Firm today.

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