Posted on 5/15/23

If you have been arrested for a crime in Texas, you have many difficult decisions to make moving forward. You will need to decide how to plead to the charges, what legal defenses you should raise, and whether to accept a plea agreement. You should not make decisions like these without the advice of a skilled attorney. A criminal defense attorney defends clients against criminal charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. One of the most important decisions you eill need to make is whether to use a public defender at no cost or hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Disadvantages of Using a Public Defender

The court will appoint a public defender to represent a client who cannot afford a private defense attorney. The benefit of going with a public defender is that they are free of charge. Many are hardworking attorneys, but working with a public defender has disadvantages. For example, public defenders are assigned large caseloads. They will likely have less attention and time to devote to their clients’ cases. They are often overworked and expected to handle too many cases simultaneously. They can make mistakes or be more likely to pressure clients to accept a plea deal to resolve the case as quickly as possible.

What Advantages Does a Private Defense Attorney Bring to My Case?

Private defense attorneys will likely have more time to investigate your case, learn about what happened, and get to know you and your goals. He or she can also take the time to negotiate more with the prosecution. Multiple advantages come with hiring a private attorney to represent you, including the following:

  • More resources: A private attorney will likely have more staff members and resources to work on your case
  • Lighter caseload: An attorney in private practice will almost always have a smaller caseload than a public defender. As a result, an attorney will have more time to devote to building a strong legal defense strategy for you and will have more time to communicate with you
  • Choice: When hiring a private attorney, you can select an attorney you believe will meet your needs. With public defenders, you will not have a choice in the public defender who will represent you. You may be assigned an attorney you would not have chosen
  • Better outcome: Hiring an experienced private criminal defense attorney may give you a better outcome of success. Private attorneys generally have more time and resources to work on your case and pursue a winning legal strategy.

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