Posted on 9/27/21

Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have been working together to gather evidence resulting in massive drug-related arrests. Last year, the DEA-Dallas field division seized over 1,400 pounds of drugs, 49 firearms, and over six million dollars in assets related to drug deals. 

The seizure and arrests resulted from a drug enforcement task force that targeted international drugs and firearms trafficking between Texas and Mexico. As a result of this investigation, Texas prosecutors brought charges against 96 defendants. Specifically, prosecutors charged them with the following types of crimes:

  • Drug trafficking

  • Continual criminal enterprise

  • Unlawful possession of firearms

  • Using firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking

  • Money laundering

Are You Being Investigated for a Drug Crime in Texas?

Extensive investigations like the one mentioned above take time. Local police officers work with federal agents to gather enough evidence to issue warrants for defendants’ arrests. They may use informants or wiretap people to try to gather evidence against suspects.  If you suspect that the authorities are investigating you, you are probably concerned about your future. You may not know why you are being investigated or why a federal agency is involved in your case.

The steps you take after you learn that you are being investigated, or suspect that you are being investigated, can either help or hurt your case. Trying to manage the process alone without the help of a criminal defense lawyer could mean the difference between you keeping and losing your freedom. The best thing you can do is discuss your case with a lawyer quickly and make sure you do not cooperate with the government before your lawyer advises you on any deal the government offers you.

What to Do When You are Under Federal Investigation

There are several proactive steps you can take to protect yourself if you think you are being investigated. Be careful what you say, even in your own home. It is possible that the federal government has tapped your phone or is surveilling you. Treating every conversation mindfully can help you protect yourself. Before you say anything, imagine what it would sound like if the prosecutor played it in court during your trial.

Similarly, be careful whom you talk to about sensitive issues. Federal investigators frequently ask friends, family members, or even co-workers to act as informants. We also recommend that you do not answer questions from law enforcement officials. You have the right to remain silent, and you should use that right until you contact an attorney. Remember, federal investigators are trained to try to get information from suspects. Your attorney can advocate for you and protect you while you talk to investigators.

Discuss Your Case With a Dallas Ft. Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you believe you are under federal investigation in Dallas/Fort Worth, do not wait to call a lawyer until you are under arrest. Taking a proactive approach to your legal defense can help you in the long run. Contact Abel Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation.


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