Posted on 1/31/23

Chris Able Is An Angel!!!!

My brother was facing an automatic 25-LIFE sentence. My family was giving up hope on his sentence due to his continuous long record of drug charges and crimes that he had committed in the past. The prosecutors were determined to enhance his misdemeanor charge to a felony charge. If it wasn’t for Chris, my brother would be in prison for minimal sentence of 25 YEARS! Chris put in hours of paperwork and phone calls to Prove that my brother did not have two previous felony charges, therefore, my brother was released at his pre-trial hiring! This attorney fights for his clients with compassion, professionalism , experience and does so with concern and justice on the forefront! I would Highly recommend Chris Abel to everyone and anyone in any circumstance of need of his help, even if you feel that you are in hopeless situation. Chris Able would be the one to trust!

Thank You Chris Able!


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