Posted on 5/2/22

Texas prosecutors have been cracking down on telemarketing fraud. Last year, Texas was involved in an operation to stop a telefraud scheme that affected over 67 million Americans with approximately 1.3 billion deceptive calls. The telemarketers claimed that they were raising money for charity, collecting over $110 million. If you plan on using telemarketing as part of your business advertising strategy, it is important that you avoid any practices that could be deemed as fraudulent. 

What is Considered Telemarketing Fraud?

Telemarketing fraud involves stealing another person’s identity and banking or credit card information. Every year, telemarketing fraud results in millions of dollars of damages. Telemarketing fraud involves people taking advantage of other people through telephone conversations. The victim may receive a phone call and be enticed to give their personal information to the person committing the crime. 

The person committing the crime may use the information they obtained to take out loans, make purchases, and open up new credit card accounts in the victim’s name. The victims may find themselves in significant debt after they have been victimized.

Common Examples of Telemarketing Fraud

There are many different telemarketing schemes that have been used over the years. One of the most well-known schemes is someone pretending to be a Nigerian prince who was stranded at the airport and does not have enough money to purchase an airline ticket. The person perpetuating the fraud will say that the victim needs to send money and in exchange the prince will share a large portion of his fortune. 

Another comment scheme involves the person calling the victim posing as a tax collection official or a law enforcement officer. They may threaten the victim with arrest or tax penalties if they do not send money or give their financial information. Every day new telemarketing fraud schemes are being created and used on unsuspecting victims. 

Penalties for Telemarketing Fraud

A phone call can turn into a criminal action that can affect you and your family for decades. If you are convicted of telemarketing fraud in Texas, you will be facing potential jail time and expensive fines. He will also have a criminal record that can make it difficult to obtain employment and home loans. 

Defenses to Telemarketing Fraud

If you have been charged with telemarketing fraud, a criminal defense attorney can help you develop the best legal defense possible. You may be able to argue that you never committed fraud because you did not intend to defraud anyone. In some cases, law enforcement officers violate the defendant’s rights and a defense attorney can successfully get the charges dropped due to constitutional violations. 

Reach Out to a Dallas/Ft. Worth Fraud Defense Attorney

The federal government and Texas authorities have been cracking down on telemarketing fraud.  If you have been charged with telemarketing fraud, you need an experienced attorney on your side. The attorneys that Abel Law Firm will evaluate your case and begin building a strong legal defense for you to protect your rights and freedoms. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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