Posted on 6/7/21

Police departments around Texas increased their DWI checkpoints and made hundreds of arrests on Memorial Day weekend. Houston police officers made 40 DWI arrests on Sunday night, adding to the dozens they had made the previous day. Memorial Day is one of the most deadly holidays for drunk driving. Some police officers and constables will continue arresting drunk drivers throughout the week.

Every year, approximately 10% more deaths are related to drunk driving on Memorial Day weekend than the previous weekend. In 2019, there were over 350 DWI-related car accidents in Texas. Police declare this holiday, among others, as a no-refusal weekend. In other words, if a police officer suspects that a driver has been drinking and refuses a field sobriety test, the officer can request a judge to issue an emergency warrant to draw blood and run a blood alcohol test.

What Should You Do if You Were Arrested for Drunk Driving

If you are one of the many drivers arrested for a DWI in Texas, you will likely be transported to the police station. During popular drinking weekends, Law enforcement officers often have a DWI task force that can check your blood alcohol levels at a checkpoint. They will use a breathalyzer test, blood draw, or possibly a urine test to determine your blood alcohol level. If your blood alcohol level is over the .08% level, you will be charged.

In most cases, they will release you, and a friend or family member can come to pick you up. If the charges were serious or someone died due to the drunk driving accident, you may be held and booked into jail. You will go in front of a judge within 24 hours to make your initial appearance. After the initial appearance, the judge will determine your release conditions.

The officer who arrested you will probably confiscate your driver’s license and give you a temporary driver’s license for the next 15 days. You can request a hearing to contest your driver’s license suspension. If you plan on hiring a DWI lawyer, we recommend hiring one within the first 15 days after you are arrested. Your lawyer will be able to represent you at your hearing, increasing the likelihood of success. 

Defenses Against DWI Charges in Texas

Your legal defense will depend on the facts in your case. If a police officer violated your constitutional rights, you might be able to petition the court to dismiss your charges. Your attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor to get your charges dismissed or get you a plea bargain. In a plea bargain, you will plead guilty to a lesser offense. If you were innocent, you could plead not guilty, and your lawyer can present evidence on your behalf and argue your case for you.

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