Posted on 4/10/23

False accusations of sexual assault can have extremely negative consequences for the accused, both criminally and civilly. Unfortunately, false accusations can happen in child custody and divorce cases. In other cases, a co-worker is accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, domestic violence, and assault. If you have been accused of sexual harassment, it is important that you know what steps you should take to protect yourself. 

  • Take the Accusation Seriously

If you know the accusation against you is false, you may be tempted to ignore it and hope it goes away. The claim may be absurd, and you may be wondering why you should take it seriously. On the contrary, it is crucial that you take the allegations against you seriously. You could be facing criminal charges under the Texas criminal code. You could also be sued for sexual harassment in a civil court. Many people have had their personal lives and careers destroyed by false allegations of rape.

  • Find Out as Much as You Can About the Allegations

You should try to find out as much as you can about the allegations that have been made against you. For example, if your name appears on a list of alleged assault perpetrators, you should take screenshots and preserve a record of the allegations. It is wise to avoid talking to the victim directly, but you may want to speak non-aggressively and politely to anyone who knows what the alleged victim is saying.

  • Start Collecting Evidence

Many sexual assault allegation cases can dissolve into he-said-she-said debates. However, judges and juries have been known to convict people based on the alleged victim’s testimony. If you have any evidence showing that the victim’s claims are false, keep a record of all that evidence. Look for text messages, videos, or social media that prove that the claims against you are false.

  • Do Not Post on Social Media

It can be tempting to want to defend yourself when being falsely accused of a terrible crime online and among your friends and family. However, you should avoid posting on social media until your case is resolved. Do not post on social media and complain about the person making the allegations against you. Do not reach out to the victim, the victim’s friends, or the victim’s family. Remember that anything you post online about the incident could be used against you. You should also act conservatively until your case is resolved by not engaging in out-of-control drinking or driving under the influence.

  • Schedule a Free Consultation With an Aggressive Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges of sexual assault, you should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. It is important that you take proactive action, even if you have yet to be formally charged by prosecutors. You can get ahead of the case by working with a criminal defense attorney who can begin investigating and developing your legal defense strategy. Contact Abel Law Firm to schedule a free case valuation and learn more about how we can fight to protect you, your rights, and your reputation.

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