Posted on 6/26/23

Individuals may not understand the potential consequences of being arrested for a crime in Texas. Others may be immediately concerned about how being arrested will affect their future and whether they will lose their job. One of the best ways to fully understand how an arrest could affect your future is to speak to a skilled Texas criminal defense attorney. Attorney Christopher Abel is prepared to fight for your rights and provide an effective legal defense. 

I Thought I Was Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Defendants are always innocent until proven guilty in the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, even if a defendant is found “not guilty,” they could be considered guilty in the court of public opinion. In many cases, the public may convict a person of a crime before they even step foot in court to defend themselves. 

Can I Be Fired From My Job for Being Arrested?

Employers are protected under federal law for refusing to hire a person because of their arrest or criminal record. Texas state law limits employer background checks for those with criminal records. An attorney can advise you on the potential consequences of being arrested so you can take proactive steps to protect your rights and interests. 

Having an arrest record can make it difficult to find work, but it is essential to understand that you may not automatically lose your job because you have been arrested. Many people facing criminal charges wonder whether they should tell their current employer about the arrest. Communicating with your employer can help you, although some employers are more supportive and understanding than others. 

What to Do When Getting Arrested in Texas

The steps you take during and after being arrested can help you protect yourself and your legal defense. They could also help you keep your job or increase your likelihood of finding employment. Stay calm and avoid arguing with the police officer arresting you or getting physical. If you do, you could face an additional charge for resisting arrest. Suppose the prosecution dismisses the original charge against you. If you still have a charge for resisting arrest, you could still face jail time, fines, and other penalties. It is also crucial that you invoke your right to remain silent. 

Do not agree to be questioned until you have an attorney present. Finally, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney may be able to uncover constitutional violations that occurred during the arrest process. If your rights were violated, your attorney could petition the court to dismiss evidence gathered from the unconstitutional search or seizure. If the charges against you are dismissed quickly, it may be easier to recover your reputation. 

Discuss the Charges You are Facing with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been arrested in Dallas or Ft. Worth? Christopher Abel of Abel Law Firm has helped many clients navigate the criminal justice process and the court of public opinion. He can give you informed, effective legal counsel while fighting the charges against you. Contact Abel Law Firm to schedule a free case evaluation. 

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