Posted on 12/19/22

The winter holiday season brings warm memories and traditions for many people. Christmas and New Year can be a joyous season, from giving and receiving gifts to enjoying holiday movies and music and attending holiday functions. Unfortunately, domestic violence continues or even increases during the holiday season for some families. Many domestic violence survivors may return home for the holidays and try to work things out, resulting in increased stress and tension. Multiple factors can potentially increase domestic violence during the holidays, leading to increased arrests.

  1. Increased Stress and Tension

Additional stress can also occur along with the fun activities that come with the holiday season. The COVID-19 pandemic put significant pressure on individuals and family members for a long time. Some of that tension still lingers, causing stress among loved ones. Between adapting to working from home and online learning to suffering the physical and emotional impacts of the pandemic, people report that their stress levels are through the roof. Anytime stress levels are high, the potential for domestic violence also increases.

  1. Isolation

Sadly, during the holidays, the suicide rate typically increases. During days off for the holidays, people may feel more isolated and likely to lash out. If a couple has decided to get separated, the isolation could result in anger and resentment. Any conflict between the couple could escalate quickly.

  1. Financial Challenges

The economic recession and job layoffs from the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in financial challenges. Parents may feel the stress of trying to provide gifts for their children while paying the bills and groceries. Inflation has increased the cost of everything. Arguments over finances are one of the leading causes of conflict.

  1. Increased Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Between more days off work, holiday parties, and family gatherings, access to alcohol increases during the holidays. Even for those working on their sobriety effectively throughout the year, the holidays remain a significant temptation. People may let their guard down and overindulge in alcohol, making it more likely that conflict will escalate to an alarming degree due to impaired judgment from being intoxicated.

  1. More Time Around Extended Family

Spending more time around extended family can be enjoyable. However, if the extended family members are abusive, controlling, or not supportive, they can be a negative influence. The stress of having to engage with extended family members can increase tensions among spouses and partners. Disagreements and conflict can arise during the holidays, especially when alcohol is involved. 

Charged With Domestic Violence? We Can Help

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