Posted on 3/30/20

A traffic ticket is a subpoena issued to the person responsible for one or more traffic violations . The subpoena, issued by a police officer or other authority representing the government, is an order to appear in court before a judge (or magistrate). After the subpoena is issued, the person accused of violating the law may remain free pending a court appearance.

By Signing the Form, am I Admitting Fault?

No, it is only an acknowledgment of receipt of the notice of presentation before a court. Since charges have been brought against you for a violation of the law, by signing the traffic ticket, you avoid being arrested and are released pending appearance in court. The most convenient thing for you to do is sign the ticket, that way you will retain your freedom and your right to appear at a court hearing to dispute or resolve the matter.

Texas traffic ticket attorneys can help you eliminate those traffic tickets. Experienced attorneys have decades of experience handling a large number of different types of traffic violations including:

●      Transit taxes

●      Not having insurance 

●      Driving without a license 

●      Driving when the license is suspended 

●      Lack of signaling

●      No registration or expired registration 

●      No inspection or inspection expired 

●      Reckless Driving

●      Failure to Appear (FTA)

●      Driving too close

●      Not keeping in a single lane of traffic

Some of the most common questions people have when faced with any type of traffic violation include:

  • Fines: In most traffic offenses, whether a criminal or non-criminal case, there will always be a form of fine that will be imposed if you are found guilty, if you plead guilty, or if you declare that you will not contain it.

  • Driving school: For certain crimes, you may be required to attend classes to improve your driving.

  • Suspension of your license: In some situations, your license may be suspended or revoked. Your attorney can explain to you whether your license is at risk of this due to the charges you are facing. 

  • Cancellation of your license: In more serious cases, your license may be revoked for years or for life.

  • License with restrictions: If your license is suspended or revoked, you may be able to obtain a license with restrictions for the purpose of driving to your place of employment. 

  • Commercial drivers: For commercial drivers, a bad driving record can mean losing your job. Commercial drivers also have higher scrutiny.

Failure to Appear in Court

You will be charged with Failure to Appear, or FTA, if you intentionally do not appear in court for a traffic violation and fail to pay the associated fine in spite of the appearance notice from the court. In addition to FTA charges, warrants may be issued to arrest you. 

This is a clear violation of Texas Penal Code Section 38.10 and you will be punished by a fine of maximum $500 and all the court cost and warrant fees will be added for you to pay. 

In Texas, in some situations, you can send the payment of the fine by mail directly to the court. Some states even allow you to make the payment virtually. However, you can always pay a fine in court.

Contact an Attorney Today

If you received a traffic violation, you need to find the help of an attorney. Before you pay that infraction, let your attorney fight for you to protect your driving record and save you valuable time. The attorneys at Abel Law Firm handle court cases related to moving vehicle infractions, speeding fines, red light violations, warrants for lack of appearance, and driver’s license suspensions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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