Posted on 4/11/22

In Texas, being accused of committing fraud is a serious matter, and prosecutors take fraud charges seriously. There are many different types of fraud charges, ranging from insurance fraud to check fraud. All fraud charges involve a deliberate attempt to deceive another person for personal or financial gain. The prosecution will need to prove every element of the specific fraud charge to convict you. 

  1. Forgery

The crime of forgery involves altering writing or document to make it appear to be:

  • Executed at a different time or place,

  • Authorized by another person, or

  • A copy of the original when there is no original

Prosecutors must prove that you intended to harm or defraud another person when creating a forged document. In Texas, most forgery charges are considered a class A misdemeanor, carrying a prison sentence of up to a year. In some instances, prosecutors can bring felony forgery charges, however.

  1. Vehicle Fraud

Vehicle fraud happens when someone takes control or requires a motor vehicle to transfer the vehicle to a third party or transfer a vehicle with intent to defraud the owners of the vehicle. Vehicle fraud is usually charged as a felony crime, and the penalties depend on the motor vehicle’s value.

  1. Check Fraud

Check fraud involves receiving or stealing a stolen check with the intent to use it, sell it, or transfer it. Prosecutors can also bring check fraud cases when someone issues a check knowing that the issuer does not have enough funds to pay fully. Most check fraud cases are misdemeanors in Texas. 

  1. Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud can involve insurance, including auto insurance, property insurance, and medical insurance. Prosecutors need to prove that the policy owner tried to defraud their insurance company to receive payment from them. Other types of insurance fraud involve doctors who fraudulently try to collect proceeds for services they never rendered to their patients. The penalties depend on the value of the fraud claim. Convicted defendants face jail time, fines and may have to pay restitution to the court.

  1. Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is one of the most common types of fraud. It involves an attempt to obtain a fraudulent benefit by using or appropriating someone else’s credit card. All of the following types of activities are considered credit card fraud in Texas:

  • Possessing two or more blank credit cards

  • Using a stolen credit card

  • Stealing a credit card

  • Using a credit card knowing it has already been canceled

  • Using a credit card knowing it’s been issued in someone else’s name

  • Using a fictitious credit card

  • Purchasing a credit card from someone who is not the cardholder 

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