Posted on 4/26/21

After the massage parlor shootings that occurred last week, there has been a significant focus on hate crimes against the Asian American Community. Texas has been ranked as having The fourth highest rate of Asian-American hate crimes. A study considered the number of hate crimes between February 28th and March 19th, 2021. During this period, over 100 hate crime incidents were reported to authorities in Texas. 

Most of the incidents included verbal harassment, physical assault, civil rights violations, and online harassment. If you have been charged with a hate crime in Texas, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. Not only could you be facing significant penalties, but you will also be facing stigma as you go through the trial. Hate crimes often receive significant media and political attention that can make it challenging for defendants to receive a fair trial.

Texas Hate Crimes Laws

Prosecutors have focused more and more on hate crimes in the last few years. In Texas, a hate crime is defined as a violent crime that involves victimizing a group or individual based on religion, race, ethnicity, social status, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. It is illegal in Texas to victimize a person based on his or her unique affiliation or status. The label of hate crime encompasses a wide variety of criminal behavior, including the following:

  • Physical or verbal assault

  • Vandalism

  • Harassment

  • Murder

Penalties for Hate Crimes in Texas

Being convicted of a hate crime in Texas exposes you to jail time, mandatory rehabilitation, and fines. Depending on the crime, you may have to serve time on probation, lose your personal rights, and lose your job. Even if you are not convicted of the hate crime, you may still face fallout from the media attention on your case. Attorney Christopher Abel will review your case and help you determine the best strategy for obtaining the best possible outcome, whether that means requesting your case to be dismissed or negotiating a favorable plea bargain.

Defenses Against Hate Crime Allegations

The first step in mounting an effective legal defense against hate crime charges is to conduct a thorough investigation. Attorney Christopher Abel will interview critical witnesses, carefully review police reports, and scrutinize all of the evidence the prosecution will use during the trial.  Every case is unique and will require a unique legal defense. However, in every case, the prosecution must prove all of the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Attorney Christopher Abel knows how to chip away at the prosecution’s case and provide evidence demonstrating his clients’ innocence.

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Hate crime charges can have a particularly devastating effect on your reputation, personal life, and career. When you have been charged with a hate crime in Texas, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your case as soon as possible. Contact attorney Christopher Abel today to schedule your initial consultation. 

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