Posted on 4/27/20

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to require shutdowns across Texas, domestic violence calls have increased. Dallas domestic violence calls have increased along with the coronavirus pandemic. Texas law enforcement officers and domestic violence advocates have seen domestic violence increase, mainly due to stay-at-home orders and mandated isolation. 

Domestic Violence Cases are on the Rise in Texas due to Coronavirus

In Montgomery County, prosecutors have noticed a 35% increase in domestic violence cases in March, compared to March of 2019. Many Texas residents are not able to go into work, they are not allowed to attend church, and they are not allowed to enjoy the outdoors. All of these activities can decrease people’s stress and help them cope with coronavirus.

In addition, many people are filing for unemployment due to coronavirus and are concerned about not being able to pay their bills. When people are isolated and not allowed to go to work or school, their stress levels rise along with their concern about surviving financially. In Fort Bend County, the District Attorney’s office has reported a 25% increase in domestic violence charges from last month. The number of domestic violence cases this March were up 50% from those in March of 2019. 

Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Texas

Not all people accused of domestic violence are guilty or repeat offenders. In some cases, good and responsible people can snap under the pressure of coronavirus and make one mistake. In other cases, those accused of domestic violence are innocent of the charges. Sometimes spouses or partners make up domestic violence charges to try to get back at their partner or to secure a better divorce or child custody agreement. Whatever the reason you are facing domestic violence charges, Christopher Abel can help. 

Defenses to Domestic Violence Charges in Texas

After thoroughly reviewing your case, we will determine what the best legal strategy is for your defense. You might have been the victim of a false domestic violence allegation. If so, you will need to fight back against the charges. If you have an alibi, now is the time to use it and to prove it with all available evidence. If not, we can help you find the inconsistencies of your accuser’s story. Maybe, you were not actively trying to hurt someone when the incident took place. If the injury was an accident or committed in self-defense, you will be able to raise those defenses. 

Contact Our Dallas Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

The coronavirus has caused extreme upheaval in the lives of Dallas, Texas, residents. During these intensely difficult and challenging times, good people are facing domestic violence charges. If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is essential to hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. ContactAbel Law Firm as soon as possible to schedule your initial consultation and learn how we can fight for your rights. 

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