Posted on 11/4/19

While rape is undoubtedly a serious crime that deserves serious punishment, not everyone who is accused of the crime is actually guilty. Many young men have been accused of sexual assault or rape only to later be foundunfairly accused. False accusations are so common on college campuses that an organization called Save Our Sons formed and documented some35 cases of false accusations in one of their articles. One of the cases was a University of Texas student  who was accused and the university’s president, Gregory L. Fenves allowed the female student to lie. The accused student was later proven innocent and Fenves’ actions were exposed. It was later discovered that the female student had agreed to have sex with the accused student.

Lack of Due Process

So many cases involve a lack of due process when it comes to Title IX procedures at the university level.Title IX is a federal law that forbids any type of sexual discrimination. This includes campus sexual assault and rape for schools that receive federal funding. If a school fails to comply, it can lose funding; this is the reason many schools are quick to pursue these actions only to later find their own actions unjust.

Schools fail to consider that the accused person is innocent until proven guilty, a long-standing legal principle in the U.S. The irony is that although the school is trying to prove that they are not discriminating based on sex, they actually are discriminating against the young men who have been falsely accused.

Fighting Back as an Accused Student

Just like facing other types of criminal charges, an accused student can fight back against a false claim of campus rape or sexual assault. The fight should never be delayed and instead should commence as soon as the Title IX investigations have begun. Unfair punishments including stains on a student’s record or expulsions need to be challenged.

Often times the university will discourage a student from seeking legal counsel, but the student has every right to do so. Title IX allows the accused student to have an advisor who can be an experienced sexual assault attorney. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make a big difference in how a case is resolved.

An experienced sexual assault lawyer will investigate the situation and gather the facts needed to prove that the accused student did not commit the act of which he or she is being accused. Your attorney can also help prepare you for any administrative hearings the university may hold when deciding your fate. The outcome of these cases is important and critical, and you should never try to face them alone.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Today

If you are facing accusations of campus rape or sexual assault that you did not commit, you do not have to face these accusations alone. Not only can you be punished by the university, but such allegations can quickly escalate to criminal charges, as well. The attorneys atAbel Law Firm understand that not everyone who is accused is guilty, and we will do our best to investigate the allegations against you and help prove your innocence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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