The Impact of COVID-19 on DUI Charges

posted on 12/7/20

Fewer DUI and DWI arrests have occurred during coronavirus shutdowns than during the same timeframe in 2019. However, the reduction and DWI charges in Texas is not as significant as some experts predicted. Law enforcement officers continue to arrest drivers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Texas residents convicted of DWI charges continue to face jail time, fines, and revoked driving privileges during the outbreak. Texas law enforcement agencies may strengthen their DWI enforcement efforts during and after the...

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Members of a White Supremacist Prison Gang Indicted in Texas

posted on 11/30/20

24 alleged members of an Aryan, white supremacist prison gang face criminal charges in Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky. The gang has allegedly committed stabbing, killing, and shooting crimes in at least 11 states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, and Arkansas. The race-based, violent gang is well-known for committing dangerous crimes. All but one of the defendants are now in custody. They face charges for racketeering conspiracy, violent crimes in aid of racketeering, drug charges, unlawful firearms trafficking, and drug conspiracy. ...

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24 Arrested on Street Racing Charges in Texas

posted on 11/23/20

Texas law enforcement recently arrested 24 defendants during one of the largest street racing crackdowns in Texas. The group allegedly threw bottles and rocks at law enforcement vehicles the night before. As part of the bust, officers towed 12 vehicles that were reportedly used in street racing. The street racing allegedly happened in San Antonio and involved over 100 cars, and took place in a parking lot on the 600 blocks of West Theo.  Officers issued a total of 33...

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Facing Theft Charges in Texas

posted on 11/9/20

Intentionally stealing from others is a crime in Texas, and if you are facing a theft charge, it is important that you take your criminal defense seriously. Under Texas law, theft happens when someone unlawfully takes money or property with the intent of depriving the owner of his or her property. Texas classifies theft laws based on the value of the property stolen. Theft includes taking someone else’s property without his consent, accepting a stolen item with the knowledge that...

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Facing Criminal Charges for Looting in Dallas/Fort Worth

posted on 10/26/20

The nation is facing unprecedented challenges, including nationwide protests and a divisive upcoming election. Many protesters are facing criminal charges related to looting and theft. As riots continue in major cities across the United States, law enforcement agencies are catching up and issuing charges against suspects identified and video footage and photographs.  Unruly Protesters Who Come From Out of State Could Face Federal Charges Texas Governor Greg Abbott has warned that people who come to Texas from out of state...

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First-Time Gun Ownership is Up: Understanding Texas Gun Laws

posted on 10/5/20

The civil unrest that is happening throughout the country has driven a huge increase in first-time gun buyers in Texas. Nearly 17% of gun owners purchased a gun in Texas in the last 90 days. Of those who purchased guns, nearly half of them were first-time gun buyers. If you have purchased a gun in Texas for the first time, it is important that you have a general understanding of Texas gun laws. Even if you purchase a gun lawfully,...

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The Texas Department of Public Safety Has Arrested a Dozen Protestors

posted on 9/28/20

Protests continue at the Texas Capitol, as tension between protesters and law enforcement officers has escalated. Since the protests started in May, the Texas Department of Public Safety has been investigating and arresting suspects. Most of them have been charged with misdemeanor crimes. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick recently made a statement that without intervention from law enforcement, more disruption and violence would have occurred. Texas Authorities are Combing Through Protest Footage to Make Arrests One protester was arrested while he...

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Texas Teenager Charged With Capital Murder

posted on 9/14/20

A Dallas area teenager named Zephi Trevino has been charged with capital murder after an incident that took place in May 2019. She has been in custody at the Henry Wade Justice Center for a year. Two other men face capital murder charges along with her. Zephi and her parents contend that she was actually a sex trafficking victim in the incident and should not be considered a suspect.  The Shooting That Resulted in Capital Murder Charges On the night...

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