Law Enforcement Ramped Up DWI Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

posted on 6/7/21

Police departments around Texas increased their DWI checkpoints and made hundreds of arrests on Memorial Day weekend. Houston police officers made 40 DWI arrests on Sunday night, adding to the dozens they had made the previous day. Memorial Day is one of the most deadly holidays for drunk driving. Some police officers and constables will continue arresting drunk drivers throughout the week. Every year, approximately 10% more deaths are related to drunk driving on Memorial Day weekend than the previous...

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Texas Authorities Bring Organized Crime and Fraud Charges Against Two Law Firms

posted on 5/17/21

Texas prosecutors have charged two law firms and three attorneys with organized crime charges related to alleged workers’ compensation fraud. The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) Fraud Unit coordinated with the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and the DWC to investigate.  The Defendants are Facing Multiple Fraud Charges The DWC has charged a law firm and two attorneys with fraud-related charges. The attorney and her staff allegedly billed the DWC’s attorney fee processing system for work they never did....

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Texas Lawmakers Push for Criminal Justice Reform

posted on 5/10/21

State representatives in Texas have begun trying to move a group of bills through the house to reform the criminal justice system. The legislation aims to provide criminal offenders a second chance while protecting the community from dangerous criminals. The package of bills is called “Smarter Justice, Safer Texas,” and it includes over 12 criminal justice bills. What Changes Will These Bills Make? As we are in the final weeks of the legislative session, representatives supporting these bills are working...

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The Penalties for Writing Hot Checks in Texas

posted on 5/3/21

Texas prosecutors have increased their focus on prosecuting online fraud and cybercrime. However, Texas residents can still get arrested for writing bad checks. When a person writes a check knowing that the amount they owe is more than the amount...

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Defending Against Hate Crime Charges in Texas

posted on 4/26/21

After the massage parlor shootings that occurred last week, there has been a significant focus on hate crimes against the Asian American Community. Texas has been ranked as having The fourth highest rate of Asian-American hate crimes. A study considered the number of hate crimes between February 28th and March 19th, 2021. During this period, over 100 hate crime incidents were reported to authorities in Texas.  Most of the incidents included verbal harassment, physical assault, civil rights violations, and online...

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Texas Criminal Appeals FAQs

posted on 4/19/21

If you have been convicted of a crime in Texas, you probably have lots of questions about what will happen in the future. You may feel desperate to overturn your conviction. Attorney Christopher Abel of Abel Law Firm Has helped many clients successfully appeal their criminal convictions. Below, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Texas criminal appeals process. Can a Lawyer Predict My Chances That an Appeal Will Succeed? Unfortunately, even the most experienced...

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The Long-Term Impact of a DWI Conviction in Texas

posted on 4/12/21

If you have been charged with a Texas DWI, getting professional help from an experienced attorney is crucial. Texas prosecutors take DWI crimes seriously and will fight hard to convict you. Most people are aware of the jail time they may have to serve if they are convicted of a DWI. However, there are various other penalties that Texas residents endure after a DWI conviction. Aggressively defending yourself against a DWI conviction can help you significantly in the future. Jail...

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Texas A&M Football Player Arrested for Drug Possession

posted on 4/5/21

Desmond Demas, a freshman receiver, was arrested last week for marijuana possession. Law enforcement arrested him for possession of fewer than two ounces of marijuana. He was released after posting a $2,000 bond, and the team has not taken action against the player yet. His arrest makes it clear that even though many states have legalized recreational marijuana, Texas has not. Simple Marijuana Possession Charges in Texas Under Texas law, it is illegal to possess any cannabis plant, whether it...

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What Happens After You are Arrested for a DWI in Texas?

posted on 3/29/21

If you have been arrested for a DWI in Texas, you may be wondering what the process will look like going forward. If this is your first time being charged with a DWI, you are likely concerned about protecting the rights and avoiding jail time. There are several legal proceedings that you face in the coming days, weeks, and months. These proceedings may have a significant impact on your freedom, your finances, and your future. Taking your DWI seriously and...

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Texas Law Enforcement Begin Making Arrests in Crystal Meth Bust

posted on 3/22/21

Law enforcement began making arrests in a drug crime investigation they are calling “Operation Crystal Cowboy.” So far, they have made 25 arrests, and they plan to make more arrests as the investigation goes on. Law enforcement has been involved in an investigation for eight months against the trafficking of meth and heroin in the city of Pleasanton, Texas. Prosecutors have indicted 26 suspects on over 30 separate criminal charges, including the distribution of 11 grams of heroin and 204...

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