When Will Marijuana be Legal in Texas?

posted on 3/21/22

As of now, 18 states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Montana, Arizona, and New Jersey all passed legislation in November 2020 to legalize adult recreational marijuana use. South Dakota passed legalization through a ballot measure, but the Supreme...

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Can I Refuse a Breathalyzer Test in Texas?

posted on 3/14/22

For some Texans, the first encounter with the criminal justice system comes when they are arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol (DWI). Most DWI charges begin when a police officer stops a driver because the officer suspects...

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The Penalties for Using a Fake ID in Texas

posted on 2/28/22

US Customs and Border Protection recently intercepted over 1,200 fake IDs from 20 different States, including Texas. The fake IDs were mostly for college-aged people and were in three different packages headed to Chicago and New York. The packages were...

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Texas Law Enforcement is Cracking Down on Auto Theft

posted on 2/14/22

Police departments in Texas have been cracking down on auto theft. The Houston Police Department’s Auto Theft Division’s Vehicle Fraud Unit has had a banner year in preventing auto theft. In 2021, the unit prevented nearly two million dollars worth...

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Sexual Assault Involving a Spouse in Texas

posted on 1/10/22

In Texas, sexual assault of a spouse is a crime. Also known as marital rape, sexual assault against a spouse can be charged as aggravated sexual assault when aggravating factors are present. Sometimes people believe that it is impossible to...

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The Hidden Costs of a Holiday DWI in Texas

posted on 1/3/22

During the holidays, Texas law enforcement agencies ramp up their efforts to arrest drivers for driving while intoxicated (DWI). The Dallas police are stepping up DWI enforcement through their “Home for the Holidays” campaign to prevent DWI deaths. If you...

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