Facing Open Container Charges in Texas

posted on 6/27/22

It is important to understand Texas open container laws before you take an open container of alcohol on the road. Many Texas drivers unintentionally break the open container law by mistake or because they have heard common drunk driving myths....

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Defenses to Sexual Assault Charges in Texas

posted on 6/13/22

Rape charges can be among the most serious criminal charges in Texas. Police officers and prosecutors focus a significant amount of time and resources on prosecuting rape cases. Unfortunately, innocent people can be charged with sexual assault. If you are...

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What are the Different Drug Penalty Groups in Texas?

posted on 6/6/22

Drug cases can be complex and carry significant penalties. However, the amount of drugs allegedly involved in the crime, the circumstances of the crime, and the defendant’s criminal history are all important factors. The Texas Controlled Substances Act - Chapter...

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How to Fight a Protective Orders in Texas

posted on 5/23/22

Protective orders are an important tool for domestic violence victims. When someone has been threatened or abused, they can seek a protective order that prohibits the abuser from coming near them. A protective order allows someone who has been the...

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Telemarketing Fraud Charges in Texas

posted on 5/2/22

Texas prosecutors have been cracking down on telemarketing fraud. Last year, Texas was involved in an operation to stop a telefraud scheme that affected over 67 million Americans with approximately 1.3 billion deceptive calls. The telemarketers claimed that they were...

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Five DWI Legal Defense Strategies in Texas

posted on 4/25/22

Local law enforcement agencies are ramping up their efforts to arrest Texas drivers for DWIs. If you are one of the many Texans arrested for a DWI in Texas, it is crucial that you discuss your case with an attorney...

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Three of the Most Commonly Charged Federal Crimes

posted on 4/18/22

If you have been charged with a crime in Texas, you may be facing state charges or federal charges. Understanding the difference between state and federal crimes can be confusing. State crimes violate Texas laws, while federal crimes violate federal...

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The Different Types of Fraud Charges in Texas

posted on 4/11/22

In Texas, being accused of committing fraud is a serious matter, and prosecutors take fraud charges seriously. There are many different types of fraud charges, ranging from insurance fraud to check fraud. All fraud charges involve a deliberate attempt to...

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