Failure to Appear/Bail Jumping in Texas

posted on 6/5/23

Failure to appear in court can result in an additional criminal case for “bail jumping.” If you have missed a court date and have been accused of “bail jumping” in Texas, it is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal...

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What Happens if You Get Caught With Weed in Texas?

posted on 5/29/23

Although several states have legalized recreational marijuana, Texas still strictly regulates marijuana and outlaws possessing, growing, or selling the drug. If you have been caught with weed in Texas, you will probably be arrested and charged with a drug-related crime,...

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Can You Be Deported For a DWI Conviction in Texas?

posted on 5/22/23

Encounters with law enforcement can be dangerous for non-citizens in Texas. Criminal charges always carry the potential risk of being deported, even if the individual is innocent and has been wrongly charged. If you live in Texas and you have...

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Texas Parole FAQ

posted on 4/17/23

If you are going before a parole board, you may have questions about the process. You and your family can take steps to help you receive a favorable review. For example, your loved ones can submit letters of support that...

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How to Defend Against False Allegations of Rape

posted on 4/10/23

False accusations of sexual assault can have extremely negative consequences for the accused, both criminally and civilly. Unfortunately, false accusations can happen in child custody and divorce cases. In other cases, a co-worker is accused of sexual harassment in the...

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The Definition of Violent Crime in Texas

posted on 4/3/23

Violent crimes involve a direct confrontation between the victim and the offender. Some examples of violent crimes include robbery, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and murder. Due to the violent nature of these types of crimes, they are charged as felonies,...

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