Coronavirus-Related Criminal Charges

posted on 6/8/20

Shelley Luther, a Texas salon owner, made national news headlines after she opened her hair salon against the governor’s orders. She was arrested and taken to jail after she refused to keep her nail salon closed. Luther faced seven days of jail time and received a fine of $7,000. The Supreme Court of Texas ordered her release.  Two more women in Laredo were arrested on April 15th in separate sting operations. The women allegedly offered customers cosmetic and hair services...

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What to Look for in a Texas Appeals Lawyer

posted on 5/25/20

If you have gone through a trial with a criminal defense attorney, you may wonder whether you need to hire a different attorney for your Texas criminal appeal. Many defendants who have been convicted of a crime in Texas assume that they should keep their attorney for their criminal appeal.  Keeping your criminal trial lawyer for your appeal might not be the best option for you, however. Your criminal appeal is your one hope of overturning your criminal conviction. You...

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Five Ways to Fight a Texas DWI Charge

posted on 5/18/20

Texas courts take driving while under the influence (DWI) charges extremely seriously. If you are facing a DWI charge in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it is important that you hire an experienced DWI defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your defense lawyer will make sure that Texas law enforcement and prosecutors will not violate your rights. After investigating your case, they will develop a compelling defense strategy which may include the following: Law Enforcement Officers Violated Your Rights All Texas...

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Understanding Texas Drug Charges

posted on 5/11/20

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Texas, you might be confused about your charge and the potential penalties you face. Texas drug laws are complicated and often hard to understand. The Texas Controlled substances Act and the Texas Penal Code regulate drug policy and laws.  Defendants convicted of drug crimes in Dallas/Fort Worth face jail time, probation, large fines, mandatory drug addiction treatment, and suspension of their driver’s license. Contact Able Law Firm today to speak...

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Coronavirus and Texas Parole Guidelines

posted on 5/5/20

As coronavirus spreads across Texas and the rest of the country, Texas inmates are urging officials to change parole guidelines. One inmate was only 20 days shy of completing nearly three years of parole after a drug conviction. Now, he...

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Coronavirus Shutdowns Lead to an Increase in Domestic Violence Charges

posted on 4/27/20

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to require shutdowns across Texas, domestic violence calls have increased. Dallas domestic violence calls have increased along with the coronavirus pandemic. Texas law enforcement officers and domestic violence advocates have seen domestic violence increase, mainly due to stay-at-home orders and mandated isolation.  Domestic Violence Cases are on the Rise in Texas due to Coronavirus In Montgomery County, prosecutors have noticed a 35% increase in domestic violence cases in March, compared to March of 2019. Many...

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DWI Arrests are Still Happening in Texas During “Stay at Home Orders”

posted on 4/20/20

As coronavirus spreads throughout the country, many states, including Texas, are issuing stay-at-home orders. Texas law enforcement is still making arrests for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DWI). Drivers may assume that law enforcement officers have more important issues to deal with during the coronavirus pandemic. However, Texas residents are still leaving their house during the stay at home orders and facing DWI charges. What Will Happen if I am Pulled Over for a DWI? Texas...

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Texas Man Charged with “Coronavirus Cough”

posted on 4/6/20

The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States and Texas. People throughout the state are taking precautionary measures to stop the spread of the virus. As many as 75% of Americans are staying home and working from home. Schools and non-essential businesses have shut down until at least April 30th, per federal guidelines. Nonetheless, some people are intentionally trying to infect other people with coronavirus, leading to Texas criminal charges. A Texan Man Faces Terroristic Threat Charges  A man...

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Failure to Appear and Traffic Violations

posted on 3/30/20

A traffic ticket is a subpoena issued to the person responsible for one or more traffic violations . The subpoena, issued by a police officer or other authority representing the government, is an order to appear in court before a...

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Facts About the Death Penalty

posted on 3/16/20

The death penalty is a controversial issue in the United States and has a complicated history. In today's world, the United States is one of the 58 countries that use the death penalty, and it is the only western country that still continues this practice.  However, the death penalty is a punishment that depends on each individual state of the United States. Currently, 19 states do not practice it and only in four of them the governor has agreed to...

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Commercial Driver’s Licenses and DWI

posted on 3/9/20

Stricter laws apply to commercial drivers who are caught driving under the influence. For a long time, the government has recognized the importance of regulating the effective operation of trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. Due to their particular nature, the drivers of these vehicles are expected to be extra cautious. When commercial trucks are involved in a traffic accident, the consequences are tragic, especially for drivers of smaller cars, since trucks can be as long as 75 feet and...

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