Posted on 2/1/21

Three bail enforcement company employees are facing charges related to a shootout at a home in Cypress, Texas. Prosecutors have brought felony burglary charges against the men. According to the authorities, the men were acting as bail enforcement officers, armed with guns, when they approached the front door of a man’s house. The homeowner got his gun, stating that he did not know who the men were and thought they were trespassing on his property.

At some point, the bail enforcement officers entered the home. The homeowner started shooting inside the house. One bail enforcement officer was hit with a bullet in the arm. The officers went back outside and called 911. Emergency medical personnel transported the injured man to the hospital. The homeowner is currently not facing any charges. According to the homeowner, the bail enforcement company did not notify the property law enforcement agencies that they were engaged in executing a bail jumping warrant. 

Facing Burglary Charges in Texas

Texas law has several different types of burglary charges, depending on the facts of the case. Burglary involves any unlawful entry into a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime. Even if the defendant did not carry out the intended crime, he or she could still face burglary charges. In all burglary cases, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that both of these elements are true. Texas recognizes the following different types of burglary:

  • Burglary of a Non-Habitation Building: when a person enters or remains inside a public or private building that is not a habitation with the intent to commit theft, assault, or a felony

  • Burglary of a Habitation: This type of burglary is also called a home invasion and occurs when someone enters or remains within a habitation with the intent to commit an assault or another felony inside. Some states consider this a different criminal charge than burglary, but a home invasion is regarded as a burglary in Texas. 

  • Burglary of a Vehicle: This type of burglary occurs when the defendant breaks into or stays inside a vehicle with the intent to commit assault, theft, or another felony within the vehicle. Prosecutors could bring charges for burglary of a vehicle even if the defendant’s entire body was not inside the vehicle. For example, if any body part or an object such as a coat hanger is inserted into the car to gain entry, the defendant can face charges.

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If you are convicted of burglary in Texas, you face incarceration and steep fines. If you have been charged with burglary of a habitation, you are facing serious second-degree felony charges. The penalties for this charge include a fine of up to $10,000 and a sentence of up to five years in state prison. The best thing you can do is contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will give your case the time and energy it deserves. Contact Abel Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation. 

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